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The MultiScaleHuman project brings together seven European scientific teams:


This 4 years funded project is based upon a strong network of expertise in which each partner brings its know-how and knowledge from three different research environments: academic (education), hospital (social actors) and private (industry). The Hospitals of the University of Geneva (HUGE) as well as the Hannover Medical School, Germany (LBB-MHH) are in charge of acquiring MRI in high resolution. This allows MIRALab to perform modeling of 3D mechanical models of the leg joint (such as the knee) of the specific person from the images of bones, muscles, tendons, etc. MIRALab and the Hannover Medical School, Germany (LBB-MHH) focuses on the analysis of the patient movements through motion capture equipment. The University of Minho Braga, Portugal (UMINHO) provides, for its part, cellular data and mechanical properties of tissues to allow the 3D visualization of the patient’s knee articulations. This visualization, which will enable doctors the ability to navigate through the human body, is provided by Welfenlab Laboratory from the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. The National Council for Research of Genoa, Italy (CNR-IMATI) proposes a management system of biological and medical knowledge (ontology) to provide an overview of knowledge related to this project. Finally, the Softeco Sismat Srl Company in Genoa, Italy leads all efforts linked to technology transfer.


ESRs/ERs and Scientists in charge presentation 

12 early stage researchers (ESR) and 2 experienced researchers (ER) have been recruited by the partners.

HUGE (Hospitals of the University of Geneva),  Switzerland



Scientist in charge

Prof. Osman Ratib

Dept. Medical Imaging and Information Sciences, HUGE

David Garcia


David García (ESR1 HUGE), from Spain
Master in Telecommunications Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Individual Research project: “Multi modality image registration for generation of parametric functional images”

Sara Trombella


Sara Trombella (ESR2 HUGE), from Italy
Master in Physical Sciences at Università di Pisa, Italy
Individual Research project: “Functional evaluation & modelling of muscular activity from dynamic images”

 UMINHO (University of Minho Braga), Portugal 

Rui Reis


Scientist in charge

Prof. Rui L. Reis

Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics, Dept. Polymer Engineering, UMINHO

Marta Ondrésik


Marta Ondrésik (ESR3 UMINHO), from Slovakia
Master in Molecular Biology at University of Szeged, Hungary
Individual Research project: “Understanding cellular behaviour in early and late stage of musculoskeletal disease (MSD)”

Fatih Cengiz


Fatih Cengiz (ESR4 UMINHO), from Turkey
Master in Biomedical Engineering /Biomaterials, Finland
Individual Research project: “Tissue engineering approaches in a MSD scenario”


 MIRALAB (University of Geneva), Switzerland

 Nadia Thalmann


Scientist in charge

Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Centre Universitaire d’informatique, MIRALab, UNIGE


Andra Chincisan


Andra Chincisan (ESR5 MIRALab), from Romania
Master in Multimedia Technologies, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
Individual Research project: “Physically-based articulation simulation”

Matthias Becker


Matthias Becker (ESR6 MIRALab), from Germany
Master in Computer Science at Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Individual Research project: “Efficient extraction and analysis of musculoskeletal structures”

Hon Fai Choi


Hon Fai Choi (ER1 MIRALab), from Belgium
PhD in Biomedical Sciences, KULeuven, Belgium
Individual Research project: “Articulation modelling - models individualization and adaptation for physiological articulations”

LBB-MHH (Hannover Medical School), Germany

 Christof  Hurschler  

Scientist in charge

Prof. Christof Hurschler

Laboratory for Biomechanics & Biomaterials Othopedic Clinic, Hannover Medical School


Karelia Tecante


Karelia Tecante (ESR7 LBB-MHH), from Mexico
Master in Mechanical Engineering /Biomechanics, Canada
Individual Research project: “From 3DCGA to MBS: integration of patient specific models for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies”

Sean Lynch


Sean Lynch (ESR8 LBB-MHH), from Wales 
Master in Physical Activity and Health, Netherlands
Individual Research project: “In vivo and in vitro visualization of complex functional relationships betweenan atomic structures in the knee"


 IMATI (National Council for Research of Genoa), Italy

Michela  Spagnuolo


Scientist in charge

Dr. Michela Spagnuolo

Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information ,Technologies, CNR 

Asan Agibetov


Asan Agibetov (ESR9 CNR-IMATI), from Kyrgyzstan
Master in Computer Science in Grenoble, France
Individual Research project: “Multi-scale and multi-modal biological ontology: definition, properties, and applications to articulation modelling”

Imon Barnerjee


Imon Barnerjee (ESR10 CNR-IMATI), from India
Master of Technology in Information Technology, National Institute of Technology, India
Individual Research project: “Methods, tools, and services for organizing, browsing, and searching medical databases with ontologies”

Welfenlab (Leibniz University Hannover), Germany

Franz-Erich  Wolter


Scientist in charge

Prof. Franz-Erich Wolter

Welfenlab, Institut für Mensch-MaschineKommunikation, Leibniz Universität Hannover 


Ricardo Millán


Ricardo Millán (ESR11 Welfenlab), from Spain
Master in Telecommunication Engineering at University of Vigo, Spain and University of Siena, Italy
Individual Research project: “Integrated visualization system that will substantially improve the understanding and analysis of MSD”


Jan Rzepecki


Jan Rzepecki (ESR12 Welfenlab), from Poland
Master in Electronics and Telecommunication on Technical University of Lodz, Poland
Individual Research project: “User interaction with multi-scale and multimodal MSD modalities”

Softeco (Softeco Sismat Srl Company), Italy

Gianni Viano


Scientist in charge

Gianni Viano

Research and Innovation, Softeco Sismat SRL

Marios Pitikakis


Marios Pitikakis (ER2 Softeco), from Greece
PhD Computer & Communication Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece
Individual Research project: “Computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for MSD with knowledge management”