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Since the Da Vinci drawings, human body atlases have evolved a lot, and their digital counterparts can accurately describe the human anatomy, thanks to acquisition devices, such as MRI, PET. The acquisition of data at different times also allow a precise analysis of the evolution of a specific pathology, the effects of drugs, and the efficacy of surgery. This workshop will present state-of the art technologies and methods for modelling and visualizing the temporal evolution of pathological and healthy processes, growing, and ageingInternational scientists will discuss the multi-scale nature and temporal evolution of the phenomena to be modelled and real-time solutions; the development of formal frameworks for coding knowledge not only about static data; the need for structuring a truly multi-disciplinary environment for training experts in this emerging field. Invited lectures will be complemented with the presentation of international/national projects and demos on related topics.

Keywords: Computer graphics, medicine, musculoskeletal diseases, knowledge management, visualization, human body


[9.30-9.40] Welcome (Bianca Falcidieno, CNR-IMATI, Genova, Italy)

[9.40-10.00] Conference overview and presentation of speakers (Michela Spagnuolo, Giuseppe Patanè, CNR- IMATI, Genova, Italy)

[10.00-12.30] From Static to Time-Varying Data and Knowledge Processing 

  • Collaborative knowledge formalization and visualization: detecting similarities and changes (Asan Agibetov, Chiara Catalano, CNR-IMATI,Genova, Italy)
  • Semantic-annotation for the documentation of follow-up data (Imon Banerjee, Giuseppe Patanè, CNR-IMATI, Genova, Italy)
  • 11.00-11.30 Coffee break
  • Visualization of the human body and clinical pathologies. Evolution of medical imaging techniques (Sara Trombella, Osman Ratib , University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Multimodal and multi-scale modelling of the knee articulation (Andra Chincisan, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, University of Geneva, Switzerland) 

[12.30-14.00] Lunch 

[14.00-16.00] Case Studies and applications in medicine and biology 

  • Medical imaging modalities: industrial and research challenges (Sergio Paddeu, Esaote, Genova, Italy)
  • Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy: basic principles, potentialities, and utilization in biomedical investigation of ALS disease (Roberto Stifanese, CNR-ISMAR, Genova, Italy)
  • MRI data analysis to support to diagnosis and treatment follow-up in rheumatology (Francesca Barbieri, Marco Cimmino, University of Genova, Department of Medicine, Italy)
  • The importance of monitoring (follow-up) in rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and treatment on the wrist, using the RheumaSCORE software. (Marios Pitikakis, Softeco Sismat Srl, Genova, Italy) 

[16.00-17.00] National/International research projects and live demo 

  • Presentations of European and Regional Research Projects involving CNRIMATI, SME in Liguria (Esaote, Softeco Sismat Srl) and the University of Genova in the context of the analysis of muscle-skeletal diseases: in particular,
    • the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network MultiScaleHuman (Michela Spagnuolo);
    • the Regional Projects MEDIARE – “New imaging technologies for rheumatic pathologies” (Gianni Viano, Loris Vosilla);
    • POLITECMED (Matteo Santoro, Sofia Mosci).
    • Demonstrations of MRI data visualisation, segmentation and interpretation tool (Esaote/Softeco Sismat Srl/University of Genova, Department of Medicine, Italy).