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Summer School Programme

9 lectures were given by invited speakers


Knowledge formalization and processing

L1 - “Ontologies and semantic annotation” by Chiara Catalano, CNR-IMATI

L2 – “Knowledge representation and processing in advanced architectures”, by Barbara Catania, UNIGE-DIBRIS

L3 – “Ontology mapping and changes Giovanna Guerrini”, by Alessandro Solimando, UNIGE-DIBRIS


Knowledge formalization in medical applications

L4 – “Semantic annotation of bio-medical images”, by Imon Banerjee, CNR-IMATI

L5 – “Morphological shape characterization”, by Giulio Tagliafico, Giuseppe Patanè, CNR-IMATI

L6 – “Graph drawing techniques for Knowledge visualization”, by Asan Agibetov, CNR-IMATI


Computer-Aided Diagnosis Systems

L7 – “CAD systems: state of the art, main functionalities and challenges”, by Marios Pitikakis, SOFTECO

L8 – “MRI data analysis to support diagnosis and treatment follow-up in rheumatology” – by  Francesca Barbieri, UNIGE-DIMI

L9 – “IPR management”, by Sergio Paddeu, Esaote