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The first MultiScaleHuman workshopwas organized by MIRALabfrom 9th until 11th of September and took place in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.
The scope of the workshop was to promote multi-disciplinary and multi-scale research in virtual physiological human modeling,while supporting the research training of MSH trainees by providing an opportunity to present and exchange knowledge, to discuss collaborative work and to get interactive feedback from partners and external participants. For this purpose, all ESRs and ERs submitted and presented short research papers.

External experts were invited as speakers, which allowed for additional feedback for trainees. Prof. Eric Stindel, professor and orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Brest in France and member of the MSH External Advisory Board presented an extensive overview of the ongoing scientific work at the University Hospital of Brest focused on developing a clinical platform for the integration of multilevel patient data. He also gave valuable insights on entrepreneurship through his personal experiences as co-founder of start-up companies linked to clinical research.

Prof. Nicolas Pronost, professor at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands presented an overview of the state-of-the-art in 3D human virtualization for animation and biomechanical applications. He is also a former ER of the 3DAnatomicalHuman project, a previous Marie Curie training network in the European FP6 framework that was coordinated by Prof. Magnenat-Thalmann (MIRALab). His experiences as a former Marie Curie fellow provided useful pointers for the MSH trainees.

To complement the external speakers, biomechanical tutorials were given by MSH research members. Prof. Christof Hurschler from LBB-MHH gave a tutorial on past and present methods in the analysis of joint mechanics while Dr. Hon Fai Choi, ER1 from MIRALab, presented a tutorial on computational tissue modeling.

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