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Summer School Braga Programme

11 lectures were given by invited speakers.

L1 - "Pet and MRI Images, segmentation and 3D simulation" by Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann [UNIGE]

L2 - "Multi-scale visualization in the MultiScaleHuman project" by Prof. Franz-Erich Wolter [Welfenlab]  

L3 - "What can one understand from a published article? Learning; Critique; Implementing" by Prof. Abhay Pandit [NUI Galway, Ireland] 

L4 – "Ontology of the MultiScaleHuman project" by Dr. Giuseppe Patanè [CNR-IMATI]

L5 - "Ethical Aspects in Research" by Dr. Frank Seehaus [LBB-MHH]

L6 – "Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering" by Prof. Rui L. Reis [UMINHO]

L7 – "Hints From Nature to Develop Nano- to Macro- Polymeric Devices for Tissue Engineering" by Prof. João Mano [UMINHO]

L8 – "MultiScale Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Strategies" by Dr. Miguel Oliveira [UMINHO] 

L9 – "Writing papers and bibliometrics of scientific outputs" by Prof. Nuno Neves [UMINHO]

L10 – "Entrepreneurship: the case of Stemmatters" by Dr. Rui A. Sousa [Stemmatters, Portugal]

L11 – "Extending the Impact of Tissue Test Systems Research" by Prof. Karen Burg, Prof. Timothy Burg [Clemson University, NC, USA]


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