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Long title: Multi-scale Biological Modalities for Physiological Human Articulation
Contract number: ITN-2011-289897
Period: October 2011 - September 2015
Project Coordinator: MIRALab, University of Geneva





Please contact the coordinator of the project, Prof. Dr. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann  for any diffusion or information on the MultiscaleHuman project.


The goal of MultiScale Biological modalities for physiological Human articulation (MultiScaleHuman) is to research by training a body of early stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) in the creation of a multi-scale biological data visualization and knowledge management system for improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment of physiological human articulation. MultiScaleHuman will narrow its ambitious research towards a very important and challenging healthcare problem of MSD and related disorders.

Marie Curie Initial Training Network

MultiScaleHuman is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network project within EU's [Seventh Framework Programme]. These Networks provide the means for research teams of recognised international stature to link up, in the context of a well-defined collaborative research project, in order to formulate and implement a structured training programme for researchers in a particular field of research.

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